Make sure your hardware is up to date

The List below contains all the latest firmware. Download the Zip file, extract it locally on your computer and read the included instructions.


Deity Connect Wireless System:

📁Click Here to Download – BP-TRX Firmware V1.3


BP-TRX-V1.3-2021-9-1 FW updated

1 Adds FPS meta-data to audio file

2 Expands SD card compatibility

3 Upgrades the OLED display to 30FPS

4 Fixes the issue of when inputting a stereo signal, the left and right channel of audio may sometimes reverse while switching TRX modes 

5 Fixes a rare issue that TX data may be modified by the RX abnormally after a TX and RX paired successfully

6 Fixes a rare issue when you use the USB function and insert card may cause the BP-TRX frozen

7 Fixes misc bugs

BP-TRX-V1.2-2021-7-28 FW updated

1 Adds Timecode Run-Keeper: When using Timecode Free Run, it will continue to keep accurate timecode for 6 hours after the unit is powered off 

2 Adds New Lock-screen: When the screen is locked, press any buttons once, the screen will wake up and you can see the content on the main interface, further press, a pop-up window to tell you to unlock

3 Adds Manual Auto-Lock: Set the Auto-Lock to Manual. Now when on the Home Screen, press the UP button three times quickly to lock/unlock the screen

4 Adds Stereo Input Mode: The Recorder VU display now shows left and right channels 

5 Adds the ability that when you start recording it automatically turns off Timecode Output; Output is now audio only for monitoring

6 Adds USB Sound Card functionality RX Mode, the USB-C port now outputs digital audio to PC/Mac computers by default

7 Adds new Timecode Shortcut: When on the Home Screen, long-press the Down button to quickly enter to timecode setting menu (use the back key to exit normally)

8 When in RX Mode: Out Type “Hop” has been renamed to “Stereo” (audio pinout is the same)

9 Menu Change: Your selected item always display as the second line to remind you can scroll up and down to select the different options

10 Fixes the timecode reset issue when you change the TRX modes

11 Adds a new lower output level in RX Mode; -45dB to accommodate LUMIX cameras 

12 TRX modes renamed for the Chinese language 

Current Firmware:

Deity Connect BP-TRX – Firmware V1.2 – NEW!

Deity Connect BP-TX  – Firmware V2.1

Deity Connect HD-TX (US ) – Firmware v2.1

Deity Connect DUO-RX – Firmware V2.1 NEW!

Legacy Firmware:

Deity Connect BP-TX  – Firmware v2.0

Deity Connect HD-TX – Firmware v2.0 

Deity Connect HD-TX (US) – Firmware v2.0

Deity Connect Duo RX – Firmware v2.0