Deity THEOS Digital UHF Tutorial | Gain Staging

December 7, 2023

Step-By-Step User Guide

Deity DBTX, Deity D2RX, and Sony FX3 gain staging

What is Gain Staging?

Gain staging is the process of making sure your audio is set to the optimum level for each part of your audio signal path in order to prevent additional noise and distortion.

The signal path in this case being: transmitter, receiver, and then the camera or mixer.

Test levels

First, plug a lavalier into the DBTX, set its input gain to +15dB, and speak a few words into the mic.

Depending on your levels, increase or decrease the input gain so the peaks land around -12dB on the VU meter.

Deity DBTX with proper audio level
Deity D2RX output type menu

Output options

On the D2RX set the output type to either RX1 or RX1+RX2.

Output Type RX1

Use RX1 if you’re using a TRS to XLR cable to go into a recorder.

Deity RX-Link cable
Deity TRS to TRS cable

Output Type RX1+RX2

Use RX1+RX2 if you’re using a TRS to TRS cable to go into a DSLR or mirrorless camera – this will allow you to put both channels on the same output.

Set Gain Level

Now we need to set the RX Output Gain.

Go into the D2RX main menu and select Level.

Deity D2RX gain level
Deity RX-Link going into Mix Pre-3

XLR Connection

If you are going into an XLR input, make sure your RX output gain is set to 0dB.

This will create a line-level signal.

3.5mm Connection

If you are going into a 3.5mm input on a DSLR / Mirrorless camera, set the output gain to -20dB.

This will create a lower signal that’s appropriate for a mic-level input.

Deity TRS to TRS going into A7SIII
MixPre-3 input menu

Match the signal

Now go into the menu of your device and select the setting that matches your signal, either mic or line.

XLR Gain

If you are using an XLR going into a Line input, you will want to add
4 to 10dB of gain.

This varies but your goal is for your waveforms to peak at -12dB on your recorder or camera’s VU meters.

Deity DBTX gain settings for Mixpre-3
Deity DBTX gain settings for Canon EOS-R

3.5mm Gain

If you are going into a 3.5mm jack on your camera, you will need to adjust your gain so that the VU meter is hitting -12dB.

How this is achieved will vary greatly between camera brands, so be sure to consult your camera’s menu.

You’re Connected!

With that, your gain staging is properly set.

Be sure to come back and check out our other THEOS tutorials!

Deity D2RX in soundbag containing SPD-1 and Mixpre-3

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