TC-SL1 screen protector

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The Deity Microphones TC-SL1 Screen Protector is a must-have accessory for any filmmaker or videographer who uses the TC-SL1 timecode slate on their production. This screen protector offers superior protection for the dry erase area on the TC-SL1 timecode slate, safeguarding it from potential damage caused by sharpie markers and adhesives left from tape.



  • Offers 3H Hardness Protection
  • Anti-Bubble Application
  • 90% Translucent
  • Anti-Reflective Surface
  • 3 Screen Protectors Per Pack



All TC-SL1 features

Protection from Damage

The TC-SL1 Screen Protector is designed to protect the dry erase area of your timecode slate from damage caused by sharpie markers and adhesives left from tape. The screen protector is made of a 3H hardness, scratch-resistant material that offers superior protection. This ensures that you can use your timecode slate without worrying about the integrity of the dry erase faceplate.

Stains left on a film slate from a permanent marker like a sharpie

Anti-Bubble and High Light Transmittance

The TC-SL1 Screen Protector's sticky adhesive has an anti-bubble design. This makes the screen protector easy to install and does not leave any bubbles or gaps between the protector and the slate's faceplate. Additionally, the light transmittance through the clear screen protector is 90%, ensuring that the backlight remains easy to see, even with the screen protector applied.

Applying a screen protector to a film slate

Anti-Reflective Finish

Despite the added protection of the TC-SL1 Screen Protector, the dry erase area of the timecode slate still maintains an anti-reflective finish, keeping the display easy to read on camera, even in bright sunlight or harsh lighting conditions.

A perfect example of a filled out timecode slate. All fields are showing the correct information found on a film slate used in the movie industry

3 Screen Protectors Per Pack

Each pack comes with 3 screen protectors. Keep your slate looking like new for longer.

three screen proectors poking out of an envelope


Weight50g (packaged)
Packaging Dimensions11*25*0.4cm 4.4*9.8*.2inch
Included In the Box3x Screen Protectors 6x Alcohol Wipes


How many come in the package?


How do I apply the screen protector to the slate?

We have a blog post all about how to apply the TC-SL1 screen protector along with other maintenance things you can do to keep your slate looking its best.

Timecode Slate Maintenance