TC-SL1 Timecode Slate

Smart Slate with a color strip on the clapperboard of the timecode slate
Smart Slate with a color strip on the clapperboard of the timecode slate

Quick Look

World’s First Bluetooth Smart Slate

The TC-SL1 smart slate is the world’s first Bluetooth phone app syncable wireless timecode slate. Showcasing state-of-the-art features, the TC-SL1 offers users the ability to download our free timecode slate app and control your timecode clapperboard. Sync your TC-SL1 at the same time you are wirelessly Bluetooth timecode syncing your TC-1 timecode generators.

  • Durable Compact Build; Uni-body Design
  • 1/4″ TRS and 5-Pin LEMO TC Input/Output
  • Up to 250ft Range via our Bluetooth Timecode Slate App, Sidus Audio
  • Backlit Dry Erase Surface
  • LED Array Dot Matrix Display
  • USB-C 25 Watt Charging Port; Can Also Be Used For Firmware Updates
  • ~1″ OLED rear display; On-Board Menu Navigation
  • Built-In Handle for One-Hand Operation
  • +25hrs of Battery Life; 100% Brightness Dot Matrix Display and 100% Backlit Dry Erase Display with Clapper Left Open




All TC-SL1 Timecode Slate features

Dimmable Displays

Both the backlight and dot matrix timecode displays can be dimmed. In the menu you can set either to be 0-100% bright. When you open the clapperboard slate you trigger the display and backlight to turn on.

Don't Fly Off the Handle

The TC-SL1 features a built-in handle so it can be operated with one hand. The top stick features a thumb notch making the process even more ergonomic.

CNC Milled Body

The TC-SL1 is built out of a single piece of aluminum and milled on a robotic CNC machine. This gives it a premium build quality and durability to feel great in your hands.

More Battery Capacity

Our timecode slate features dual NP-F battery bays. This allows you to hot-swap the batteries (if you forget to charge them) without having to power down your smart slate. And best yet, you can take your digital slate and plug it into a 25W USB-C charger overnight to top off your current NP-F batteries.

Wirelessly Sync Your Slate From Your Phone