W.Lav Pro Waterproof Lavalier

lavalier microphone lapel mic

Quick Look

Waterproof 4mm professional lavalier microphone

A miniature IP57 waterproof omnidirectional lavalier microphone with a microdot connector designed to deliver crisp, natural speech reproduction for film and video productions, even in challenging outdoor conditions. It’s 5.9′ attached cable is terminated with a microdot connector for easy integration with a Microdot-equipped mic transmitter or to be used with microdot adapters.

  • Miniature Size 4*17mm
  • IP57 Waterproof rating
  • 5.9′ (1.8m) cable length allows ease of connection to transmitters at the ankle
  • Microdot Adapter for flexible connection to most wireless transmitters in the market

What do you get in the box?

  1. W.Lav Pro Lavalier
  2. 2x Foam Windscreen
  3. 5x Rycote Stickies
  4. Rycote Undercover
  5. Roll Medical Tape
  6. Carrying Pouch
  7. Deity Microphones Warranty


They sound very similar to some of their pro-level, more expensive competitors.

Curtis Judd, Youtube 2020

All W.Lav Pro features

IP57 Waterproof Lavalier

The W.Lav Pro is IP57 waterproof, so no matter what you’re shooting, you’re covered. The IP57 rating protects it from perspiration and aerosol cosmetics. This makes the W.Lav Pro ideal for outdoor shooting in wet weather.

lavalier microphone lapel mic W.Lav Pro waterproof mike

Miniature But Mighty

The W.Lav Pro has a 4mm capsule - the exact same size as industry standard lavaliers but at a fraction of the price. We wanted to make a craftsman level lavalier that was accessible to all.

Widely Compatible with Industry Accessories

Lavalier concealers for the W.Lav Pro can be easily acquired from a variety of brands such as LMC, Hide-A-Mic, Bubblebee Industries and URSA Straps. Includes a lapel mic clip with purchase.

lavalier microphone lapel mic W.Lav Pro waterproof mike

Broadcast Quality Audio

The W.Lav Pro was designed to blend with the microphones that are actively being used on pro film sets today. Boasting an incredible response rate of 20-20,000Hz, the clean tones that the W.Lav Pro captures accurately represent real life. The 110dB max SPL makes it perfect for recording dialogue in any scene.

Ready for Digital Wireless Transmitters

Many newer digital wireless systems incidentally wreak havoc on traditional lavaliers due to the RF interference inherent to the new modulation method. This prompts users to be wary of which lavs they can use with which systems. The W.Lav Pro was designed from the beginning to work flawlessly in conjunction with these systems thanks to the extra shielding inside its cable.

lavalier microphone lapel mic W.Lav Pro waterproof mike

Overall, a good showing

here by Deity


ColorBlack or Beige
Sound FieldMono
Frequency Response20Hz – 20KHz
Polar PatternPre-Polarized Condenser
Capsule TypeOmni
Maximum SPL>110dB SPL*
Dynamic Range110dB typical
Weatherproof StandardIP57
Mic Head Size4mm*17mm
Cable Length1.8m
Connect TypeMicrodot / 3.5mm (Black version Only)
Operational Temperature-20C – 70C
*Some microdot adapters may allow for higher SPL amounts