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Sync On All Levels


Our Sidus ecosystem of software supports users' ability to do more with their devices. Timecode goes beyond just syncing generators, now sync your whole set.

32-Bit Float

Audio Recorders

Deity's audio recorders work hand in hand with our pieces in the Sidus-enabled ecosystem. Deity's audio recorders always feature timecode, Bluetooth control, and high-quality pre-amps.

Power Solutions

The Deity SPD-1 is a rugged power distribution tool for the sound mixer of today and tomorrow. Designed to work in a bag and on a sound cart, it includes a few features that make it a hybrid device.

Designed For The Stresses of Filmmaking


Our S-Mic series of shotgun microphones have been built to stand up to the rugged environments that filmmakers demand. Rain, snow, and heat won't stop you from capturing your audio.

Stay In Sync


Timecode gear allows you to work faster in post-production. An organized production starts with accurate sync in production.

Features you didn’t know were even possible


A versatile array of lavaliers that cover every usage you can think of - ENG style, subminiature and industry standard.


Accessories make the world go round. Connecting this to that is easier when you have the right accessories.