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All SRD-Mini features

Active Splitter

The SRD-Mini features an active splitter that also can supply power to external antenna circuitry. Each side of the distro (A / B) can have it's external power toggled on or off independently. Above each toggle switch is an LED to indicate if the incoming signal is overloading the RF amp in the SRD-Mini.

The SRD-Mini supports both passive and active antennas.

Industry Standard Connectors

The SRD-Mini ultitized connectors that are widely used throught the sound community. Two 50 Ohm BNC ports act as the A/B inputs while eight 50 Ohm SMA outputs split the incoming signal.
( 1A x 4A / 1B x 4B.)

The operational range of the SRD-Mini is 470MHz ~ 1GHz. This allows it to operate anywhere in the world, and with nearly any UHF wireless microphone system you may already own.

Multiple Powering Options

The SRD-Mini features the our Regional Power™ System, allowing it to be powered from the SPD-Mini's pogo pins for a cable-less power solution.

But it also has traditional power inputs like a 4-Pin Hirose-compatible power input and USB-C.

*Shown docked to the SPD-Mini, sold separately.


Does it feature magnets?