Butterfly Wideband Antenna

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Quick Look

A butterfly antenna is a type of antenna that is used in wireless microphone systems on film sets and stage applications. It has some unique characteristics that make it well-suited for certain purposes in these contexts;

  • Ultra Wideband Design
  • 470MHz-1GHz
  • Rugged Build Quality
  • CNC Metal Mount
  • 50Ohm BNC Connector
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern
  • Compact Design

The Deity Butterfly bow-tie antenna is designed to have a relatively wide bandwidth. This means it can operate effectively over a range of frequencies, which can be advantageous in wireless microphone systems. Film sets often use different frequency bands for wireless microphones to avoid interference, and a broadband antenna like ours that can cover all these bands without needing frequent adjustments.

All Butterfly features

Supports Global OneBand™ Frequencies

The Deity Butterfly supports a ultra wideband of frequencies; 470MHz-1,000GHz. This means you have plenty of support for the Global OneBand within the THEOS ecosystem but also plenty of extra frequency bandwidth to support other brands wireless as well.

Now when you go into an antenna splitter, you can mix-n-match different blocks/bands.

Weather Sealed Housing

Our BNC mount is weather sealed for situations where the butterfly antenna is being used for a permanent outdoor install.

Metal Mount

Our mounting bracket is made out of CNC'ed Aluminum which provides a rugged and secure block for a 1/4" 20 threaded mounting hole.


Antenna TypePassive
Frequency Range470MHz~1GHz
BNC Rating50 Ohm
Built-In FilterNone
Pickup PatternOmni-Directional
Dimensions (H x W x D)19*11.5*15 mm
7.5*4.5*.6 inch
Weight98 g
3.4 oz


Can I use the Deity Butterfly with non-Deity wireless systems?

Yes, you can! The great thing about an antenna is it will work with any wireless system you want as long as it covers the same frequency range as the antenna. In our case, the Deity Butterfly covers 470MHz-1GHz.

So if you use a system that lands in the traditional “TV Band” of 470-608MHz, you are covered. And if your wireless kit lands in the 600, 700, 800, or even 900MHz bands… you’re still covered.

Can I spray paint the Deity Butterfly so it blends into the side of a building or back wall better?

Depends. Do not use metallic paint. The metal flakes found in metallic paint could cause the antenna to be less effective.

However, non-metallic paint will not hurt the antenna’s ability to receive signals.