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Locking 3.5mm to Right Angle 5-Pin

The C13 is an SMPTE timecode cable that is great for the Arri Alexa Mini. The right-angle design allows you to move the camera battery closer to the body of the camera.

Locking 3.5mm to 5-Pin LEMO®

The C14 is compatible with standard 5-Pin LEMO® timecode cable inputs featured on devices like:

• Arri Alexa Cameras
• Ambient Timecode Generators
• Ambient Timecode Slate
• Denecke TS-C
• Sound Devises Professional Audio Recorders
• Wooden Camera B-Box

Locking 3.5mm to BNC

The C15 timecode cable is compatible with standard BNC timecode inputs featured on devices like:

• Blackmagic Ursa Mini
• Canon C70, C300mkii, C300mkiii, C500
• JVC Broadcast Cameras
• Panasonic Broadcast Cameras
• Sony Broadcast Cameras
• Zaxcom Nova, Nova2
• Z CAM E2 A0401
• Zoom F4, F8, F8n, F8n Pro

Locking 3.5mm to 4-Pin

Deity C16 is a locking 3.5mm to 4-Pin timecode connector. It is compatible with devices like:

• RED DSMC2 Jetpack Expander
• RED DSMC2 Jetpack-SDI Expander
• RED DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander

The RED DSMC2 cameras include Helium, Dragon-X, Gemini, Monstro 8K, and Scarlet-W.

Locking 3.5mm to 9-Pin

Deity C17 is a locking 3.5mm to 9-Pin timecode connector. It is compatible with devices like:

• RED Komodo® 6K
• RED Komodo® 6K Stormtrooper Limited Edition
• RED V-Raptor® 8K
• RED V-Raptor® 8K XL

Locking 3.5mm to Din1.0/2.3

The C19 cable was specifically designed for the Canon R5 C camera. The C19 features an extra-long Din1.0/2.3 connector to accommodate the Canon R5 C port.

5-Pin to Locking 3.5mm

The Deity C20 cable is compatible with standard 5-Pin LEMO timecode outputs featured on devices like:

• Sound Devices 788T
• Sound Devices 633, 664, 688
• Sound Devices 833, 888
• Sound Devices Scorpio
• Ambient ACN-NL-L NanoLockit
• Ambient ACN-CL Lockit
• Ambient ANC-TL Tiny Lockit

Locking 3.5mm to Sony Multi Port

The Deity C23 timecode cable is an excellent solution for those looking to streamline their timecode workflow when using Sony FX3 and FX30 cameras. This cable is built out of metal and utilizes the Multi-port on Sony cameras, just like the OEM cable.

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Why is my cable not working?

Pay attention to the title of the cable you are using and the arrows on the cable. The arrows indicate which direction the cable signals flow. Arrows pointing away from the locking 3.5mm connector means it is an output cable for the TC-1. If the arrows point toward the locking 3.5mm connector, you know you are holding a TC-1 input cable.

If you are using a TRS to TRS cable or BNC cable, these cables are bi-directional; you’ll need to check with your TRS port to find out if it’s flipped to input/output. Similar to BNC ports, you’ll need to check if it’s a dedicated directional port or if it can toggle between input and output.