Timecode Cables

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Locking 3.5mm to Right Angle 5-Pin

The C13 is an SMPTE timecode cable that is great for the Arri Alexa Mini. The right-angle design allows you to move the camera battery closer to the body of the camera.

Locking 3.5mm to 5-Pin LEMO

The C14 is compatible with standard 5-Pin LEMO timecode cable inputs featured on devices like:

• Arri Alexa Cameras
• Ambient Timecode Generators
• Ambient Timecode Slate
• Denecke TS-C
• Sound Devises Professional Audio Recorders
• Wooden Camera B-Box

Locking 3.5mm to BNC

The C15 timecode cable is compatible with standard BNC timecode inputs featured on devices like:

• Blackmagic Ursa Mini
• Canon C70, C300mkii, C300mkiii, C500
• JVC Broadcast Cameras
• Panasonic Broadcast Cameras
• Sony Broadcast Cameras
• Zaxcom Nova, Nova2
• Z CAM E2 A0401
• Zoom F4, F8, F8n, F8n Pro