AMB1 Adjustable Mounting Bar

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Quick Look

  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Material
  • Ultra Durable
  • Total Length 0.66 meters (26 inches)
  • clear markings
  • Fully adjusted along the X and Y access for full control
  • Folding design; convenient for storage

All AMB1 features

Folds In Half

The AMB1 can pack away in a smaller footprint because it is able to fold in half.

Adjustable Antenna Mounting Bar for Wireless Microphone Antennas like Sharkfins

Full Control

You can slide your gear along the Y axis and tighten down your spot with a thumbnail screw. The AMB1 also offers you the ability to elevate your gear along the X axis and lock it into place with a quick action level.


Every element of the AMB1 has been cleared marked. So if you are needing to just make sure you hit your minimum spacing, or you need to replicate the exact same setup multiple times. The AMB1 delivers the precision you need.


Can this be used with microphones to record stereo pickup patterns?

Absolutely! Every adjustable aspect of the AMB1 has been marked so you can adjust and fine-tune it to your heart’s content.

The AMB1 supports:
A/B Spaced.

The vertical riser feature on the individual mounts was added just for microphone stereo patterns.