S-95 Smart Battery

Quick Look

  • 95Wh
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Smart Battery Gear
  • 14.4V Nominal Voltage
  • On-board LED Battery Meter

The use of 2054-style smart batteries with sound gear has become increasingly popular in recent years. These batteries are designed to provide longer-lasting power while also offering advanced features such as overcharge protection and real-time monitoring of battery telemetry data. This makes them an ideal choice for sound professionals who need reliable and efficient power sources for their equipment.



All S-95 features

Embrace Telemetry Data

The S-95 is a smart battery. This means it can send its telemetry data to devices like the SPD-1 battery distro. Telemetry data like:
•Cycle Count
•Cell Temperature
•Amp Draw
•Battery Capacity

Quick Charging

The S-95 is able to be charged in just over 2hrs when paired with the Deity DQC-1 portable smart battery charger.

DQC-1 Charger - $68

Built-In Battery Meter

Check if your battery is charged using the onboard 5 LED mater. The meter also will flash and indicate the battery capacity status when charging.


Nominal Voltage14.4V
Max Voltage16.8V
Rated Capacity6600mAh
Rated Energy95.04Wh
CellsPanasonic NCR18650GA
Standard Charging Voltage16.8V
Standard Charging Current1.32A
Maximum Continuous Charging Current4.83A
Operating TemperatureCharging: 0~+50°C
Discharging: -20~+60°C