SPD-1 Modern Power Distribution

Quick Look

Introducing the SPD-1 Power Distribution Box, the perfect solution for managing power in a sound bag or on a sound cart. This powerful and versatile device is designed to make your life on set easy and stress-free.

  • Triple DC Inputs; Hot Swappable
  • Supports Smart and Non-Smart Batteries
  • Displays Battery Telemetry Data
  • Measures Total Power Consumption
  • Locking Toggle Switches
  • Metal Housing
  • 1.1” Color Screen
  • Dual 1/4” Threaded Mounts
  • Reversible Mounting Clip
  • Suggested Operating Range 12V-18V
  • Easy-Access 5V2A Type A USB port
  • 6 Unregulated Outputs


SPD-1 battery distro sysrtem in a sound bag with a Sound Devices 8 series and Wisycom Superslot

The SPD is simple, intuitive, and delivers a level of convenience i haven't seen before, for the price it's a no brainer.

Ethan Lee, Los Angeles Location Sound Mixer

All SPD-1 features

Smart Battery Telemetry Display

The device displays battery telemetry data to keep track of your power usage. Monitoring power on set is crucial to keeping production running smoothly. With the SPD-1, you can easily keep track of your power usage, ensuring you never run out of power at the wrong time.

The SPD-1’s 1.1” color screen provides you with all the information you need, like total power consumption, battery temperatures, voltage, battery life, and battery cycle count.

Over-Voltage Protection

Outputs will automatically cut off if a battery over 18V has been plugged into the SPD-1. This protects your sound bag from damage caused by voltage spikes and malfunctioning batteries.

Dual Power Circuitry

Featuring six unregulated 4-Pin Push Power outputs (that are Hirose compatible), you can power multiple devices simultaneously. The six outputs are divided across two power circuit groups so you can toggle auxiliary devices on/off without needing to power down your primary devices. And the operating range of 12V-18V ensures that it will work with a wide range of devices.

Locking Switches

Locking toggle switches make turning your devices on and off easy and safe, and help prevent accidental power-downs.

Loads of Mounting Options

The SPD-1 also features dual 1/4” threaded mounts, allowing you to mount the device in any position securely. The reversible mounting clip makes it easy to change the device’s orientation as needed.

Wide Compatibility

The SPD-1 is compatible with the following*:
Lectrosonics SREXT SR Mounting Kit, DSR4EXT, DCR822
MiPro MR-90SC
Sony UWP-D
Sound Devices 633, 664, 688, 8-Series
Sound Devices A10-RX A-TA3 Adapter, A10-RX A-XLR
Sound Devices A10-RX A-TA3 Adapter, A10-RX A-XLR
Sound Devices MX-HIROSE DC Input Sled
Wisycom MCR54 End Plate
Zaxcom Deva 24
Zaxcom Nova, Nova 2
Zoom F4
Zoom F8, F8n, F8n Po

And Many More Devices...

Multiple Battery Types Supported

The SPD-1 supports both smart and non-smart batteries with its triple DC inputs and hot-swappable functionality. When using a non-smart 14.4v or USB-C battery, the SPD-1 will display incoming voltage. The screen on the SPD-1 adapts its displayed data to the type of power you supply.

The SPD-1 is compatible with batteries from:
Audio Root
Inspire Energy
Remote Audio HiQ
Sound Device Smartbattery

Smart Battery used by Sound Mixers on Film sets

Compatible Battery Cups

The following battery cups are compatible with the SPD-1:

Audio Root eTA4f
Sound Devices XL-SmartCup
Sound Guy Solutions TA4D-SmartCup

*See TA4 Pinout Below

Know the full story about your power


Power TypeDC
Inputs2x TA4f

1x USB-C 12V
Outputs2x 4-Pin Push (5A Total)

4x 4-Pin PUSH (5A Total)

1x USB-A (5V 2A)
Operational Voltage Range12V~18V
Low Voltage Warning9V~12V
Over Voltage Cutoff18V
Under Voltage Cutoff7V
Built MaterialAluminum
Display1.1” TFT Color Screen
Mounting Options2x 1/4” 20 Threaded

1x Removable Clip
Dimensions36 * 89 * 64 mm

1.4 * 3.5 * 2.5 inch
Weight159g / 5.6oz


TA4 Input Pinout

Pin 1 – Ground

Pin 2 – Data

Pin 3 – Clock

Pin 4 – Voltage

4-Pin Push-Pull Power Output Pinout

Pin 1 – Ground

Pin 2 –

Pin 3 –

Pin 4 – Voltage