Sidus TC Sync Open Beta

Quick Look

Sync All Your Footage

Sidus TC Sync works with all footage and files. It doesn’t matter if you’re camera supports external timecode or if you’ve had to record it as an audio track. Sidus TC Sync’s automation feature detects and decodes the timecode signal.

  • Supports SMPTE saved to the file’s metadata
  • Supports Audio LTC records on a camera’s audio track
  • Supports High Frame TC
  • Supports Audio LTC recorded in WAV file or PolyWave file



All Sidus TC Sync features

Import Your Files

Sidus TC Sync supports most major video codecs and formats along with AAF, WAV, and PolyWAV files.

One-Click Synchronization

Sidus TC Sync can auto detect Audio LTC in the audio tracks of your video footage.

Preview Youre Timeline

Check everything before moving onto editing.

Export To Your Favorite NLE

Sidus TC Sync can export an XML for the major NLE programs:

Premiere Pro CC
DaVinci Resolve 17 & Newer
Final Cut Pro 7
Final Cut Pro X 10.4.x
Final Cut Pro X 10.3.x
Final Cut Pro X 10.2.x

Mac OS

MacOS 12 or Above

Intel x86
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Apple M1/M2/M3
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Windows 10 and Above

Intel / AMD x86
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