DQC1 Smart Battery Charger

All DQC1 features

USB-C Input

The DQC1 features a USB-C input for charging the connected battery and supports up to 45 watts max. The charging module is housed inside a metal chassis. It also features a 4 LED charging meter, allowing you to monitor the progress of your battery's charge.

USB-C Input Standards Supported:
•5V 3A
•9V 3A
•12V 3A
•15V 3A
•20V 2.25A

Ultimate Portability

The DQC-1 Smart Battery Charger is super compact and portable, making it an ideal choice for reality TV, news, and documentary crews. It can easily be packed in a bag and taken on location, ensuring that your batteries are always charged and ready to go.

High Wattage USB-C Output

The DQC1 can also be used as a USB-C output device, supplying up to 45 watts. Because of its high wattage output, it is powerful enough to even run a laptop on set.

USB-C Output Standards Supported:
•5V 2.5A
•9V 2.5A
•12V 2.5A
•15V 2.5A
•20V 2.5A


Size53. 5*45*16.5mm
Cable Length120mm
Charging IndicatorLED
Battery Life MeterLED
USB-C Input5V3A
USB-C Output5V2.5A
Battery Cup Output Voltage Max16. 8V @ 45W
Battery Cup Connector2054 - 5 Blade


Can I use a 5V 10W phone charger to charge my smart battery?

Technically yes, you can. But it would be very slow.

How long does the DQC1 take to charge a 95W smart battery?

If you use a 20V 2.5A USB-C power supply (like those used for laptops), you can expect a charge time of roughly 2.1 hours.

Does the DQC1 work with non-Deity smart batteries?

Yes. The DQC1 is designed to work with any 2054-style battery that meets the SBS Specification Version 1.1 standard.