V-Mic D3 Pro the world-first

Quick Look

The world’s first on-camera video microphone with an adjustable gain knob

The D3 Pro was chosen amongst all exhibitors at Cine Gear 2018 to receive PV’s Product of the Year award.

  • Compatible with Cameras and Mobile Devices
  • Internal 51-Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Stepless Gain Knob, Low-Cut Filters
  • Auto-Configuring 3.5mm TRRS Output
  • Power Switch with LED & Auto On/Off
  • Low Noise & Distortion, High SNR
  • Detachable Shoe/Pole/Tripod Shockmount

What do you get in the box?

  1. 1x V-Mic D3 Pro
  2. 1x Foam Windscreen
  3. 1x Rycote Adjustable Cold-Shoe Shockmount
  4. 1x Smart TRRS to TRRS Coiled Cable

One of my favorite products of all time.

Dunna Did It

All V-Mic D3 Pro features


The D3 Pro will work with phones, tablets, DSLRs, body pack transmitters - virtually anything. We have tested it on a dozen DSLR models, two dozen phones, a handful of Android-based tablets, and the mic inputs on laptops. When plugged into devices that have a stereo microphone input, the V-Mic D3 Pro outputs dual mono tracks.

Check our compatibility list if you have questions. CLICK HERE

Revolutionary Design

Disrupting what people expect from on-camera mics, the D3 Pro is the world’s first mic to feature a stepless analog gain knob. This gives you the power of having an audio mixer built right into the mic itself without adding any extra bulk or weight. The +20dB of gain is added on a linear scale so you can dial in the exact amount of gain you need for each shot.

Ergonomic Bump Guard

While the revolutionary stepless gain knob has been co-opted by others, none have gone so far as to deliver the assurance that a bump guard affords. The last thing you should worry about on set is having your audio levels abruptly adjust without you noticing.

40% More Battery Life

Inside the V-Mic D3 Pro lives a 320mAh lithium-ion battery. Its 51 hour runtime is an impressive 40% increase over the competitors’ battery life. Get a full charge via USB-C in a little less than 2 hours and you’re ready to go.

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Transducer PrinciplesPrepolarized Condenser
Pickup PatternSupercardioid
Frequency Range50Hz ~ 20kHz
Output Impedance200Ω
Sensitivity-24±2dB re 1V/Pa @1KHZ
Signal to Noise Ratio84dB
Dynamic Range114dB
Max SPL130dB SPL (@1KHZ, 1%THD into 1kΩ)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Output PortSmart 3.5mm TRRS
Housing MaterialAluminum Metal


Where can I find the serial number for my D3 Pro so that I can register my microphone?

If you look on your shockmount you will see a sticker that features your microphone’s serial number. To register your microphone go to our warranty form.

When should I use my 75 and 150Hz low-cut filters?

You should use them when you feel a light wind and want to reduce your chances of hearing wind noise. You can also use them to reduce hum from outside noises like street noise bleeding through a wall, an air conditioner rattle, or a refrigerator’s compressor.

When I turn the gain knob on the D3 Pro nothing happens on my audio recorder… help!

It is possible your camera/device has Auto Gain Control (or AGC) turned on. Make sure you turn off this feature when using the V-Mic D3 Pro. AGC will fight against the gain knob and cancel out any adjustments you make.

My D3 Pro does not seem to be turning on… help!

It’s possible the device you’re trying to use either does not supply 3v bias voltage or the ground pin of the 3.5mm jack is out of spec and does not align with the ground pin on a TRRS plug. Make sure your device supplies bias voltage and try to use a TRS to TRS cable.

Deity says I need a “3rd Party TRS” cable, what is that?

It means that your device requires a legacy 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable, much like the “AUX” cable you might use to plug your iPod into your car radio.