SPD-Mini Power Distro

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All SPD-Mini features

Color Screen And More

The SPD-Mini utilizes a bright color screen that can be flipped upside down with flick of a switch. This combined with the two belt clip mounting points allow you to rig the SPD-Mini how ever you need to in your sound bag.

It also featuers 5x 4-Pin Push-Pull Power ports that can be turned on/off with a top mounted switch.

USB-C Output

The top of the SPD-Mini features a 5V USB-C output with support for 10Ws of power delivery. Perfect for keeping a tablet or phone topped off that's running the Sidus Audio™ app.

Smart Pass Thru

The SPD-Mini supports TA4 Smart Battery cups* and USB-C. The USB-C input defaults to the 15V PD standard but is also compatible with the 12V PD standard.

Next to the inputs is the #1 output. This output is unique in that it passes along the smart battery data to audio recorders that can decode the telemetry data like the Sound Devices 8-series. The #1 output on the SPD-Mini is capable of handling the power draw up to a SD 888.

Regional Power™ System

The SPD-Mini is apart of our Regional Power™ System. This allows the SPD-Mini to lock together with other compatible devices using 4 threaded mounting points and share power between the devices.

This gives the SPD-Mini an extra cable-less output.

*Shown docked to the SRD-Mini RF Distro