Best Audio Gear For 2024

January 31, 2024

New year, new gear

Looking to upgrade your filmmaking kit for the best performance in the new year? Before you go and spend cash on ANOTHER vintage lens, let us make our case for the audio gear that will help your videos stand out.

Deity Microphones has a wide range of creative solutions for your filmmaking needs. Whether you are a working sound mixer, videographer, or content creator, we’ve got something that will bring you closer to capturing your vision. Chances are, the gear you need varies from project to project. Below are a few pieces of kit we have to offer as well as what each one can do to improve your next project!

Deity S-Mic 2S

The Smic 2S is a professional short shotgun mic designed specifically for indoor use and sit-down interviews.

Key Features

⚫ Supercardioid pickup pattern
⚫ Lightweight & weather resistant brass body
⚫ Short body at only 6″
⚫ Frequency response pairs perfectly with the Deity S-Mic 2 (longer, big brother)
⚫ Ideal for indoor audio work

Why Choose It?

You’re the run-n-gun type, the one-man band that we all keep hearing about. You need an on-camera mic that is as versatile as you are, with the high quality of XLR vs 3.5mm – look no further.

Deity S-Mic 2

The S-Mic 2 is a medium-length XLR shotgun ready for anything you throw at it: great off-axis rejection, an RF interference-proof body, ultra-low self-noise and weather-proof circuitry.

Key Features

⚫ Supercardioid pickup pattern
⚫ 12dB Self noise
⚫ -18dB Off-Axis Rejection
⚫ 50Hz to 20kHz Frequency Range
⚫ Pairs perfectly with the Deity S-Mic 2S
⚫ Ideal for outdoor audio work

Why Choose It?

You are someone who likes the finer things in life – a good boom microphone that can do it all from the smallest outdoor interview to the largest movie set.

Deity THEOS Digital Wireless

As a filmmaker, one of the most important aspects of your work is sound. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that your audio is unusable due to interference, dropped signals, or other issues. This is where the THEOS Digital Wireless Microphone System comes in. This state-of-the-art system is designed to make your audio recording process seamless and stress-free.

Key Features

⚫ Wideband Digital UHF spectrum; 550-960 MHz
⚫ Dual Channel Receiver
⚫ Built-in 32-bit float recorder (Uses Micro-SD)
⚫ Wirelessly sync timecode from the Deity TC-1 timecode generator
⚫ 14Hr battery Life
⚫ Phone Controllable Using Sidus Audio™
⚫ Works with the extremely concealable W. Lav Micro (I’m not saying bug a house with it, but you can hide in an actor’s hair easily)

Why Choose It?

Maybe you’re a world traveler, someone who shoots in every country. Bragging rights go to you because THEOS is UHF that can be used in any country thanks to clever firmware. No need to pack multiple UHF sets in that light travel bag of yours. Maybe you are a homebody and live at the studio lot – THEOS is perfect for that too!

Deity TC-1

The TC-1 takes the best parts of timecode box units from the past and brings them all together into a timecode generator built for the future. We developed it to fit into your workflow, no matter how you work. You can wirelessly jam it from your phone or even wirelessly sync it from other boxes using our proprietary 8-channel 2.4G radio ecosystem.

Key Features

⚫ Supports all SMPTE Timecodes
⚫ Only 1 Frame Drift Every 72 hours
⚫ 28 Hr Battery Life
⚫ Phone-controllable Using Sidus Audio™
⚫ Name the device and we probably have a timecode tutorial for it

Why Choose It?

Time and the tracking of it calls to you deeply. Maybe in a past life, you were a clockmaker named Dave. Do Dave a favor and keep all your devices in sync using industry-leading timecode generators.