Deity BF1 User Guide

February 21, 2024

Step-By-Step User Guide

Deity BF1 on a proferssional sound bag for film and television

What is the BF1?

The Deity BF1 is a universal antenna for any UHF wireless system.

It can be used on a sound bag setup or integrated into an audio rack system.

Who is this for?

If you’re someone who captures media for houses of worship, comedy clubs, live music venues, or you’re a production sound mixer in the TV/Film industry – the BF1 is for you.

Live musical performance
Contents of the Deity BF1

What does it come with?

⚫ 2x BF1 Antennas
⚫ 2x SMA-BNC Cables
⚫ 2x BNC Cables
⚫ 2x Antenna Clamps
⚫ 1x Neoprene Carrying Case

Close up of Deity BF1 showing the composite fiberglass texture.
Polar patterns and polarization graphic for the Deity BF1

Polar Patterns and Polarization

The BF1 is an omnidirectional antenna. There is some rejection on the top and bottom of the antenna but think of it as an omni.

Wherever your transmitters are on set, your antenna will “see” them. The BF1 is also passive, meaning you can use it on your transmitter for IFB and IEM systems.

Other Specs

⚫ Passive
⚫ 470 MHz – 1 GHz range
⚫ 2.2dBi Gain
⚫ 50 Ohm BNC
⚫ 1/4″-20 mount
⚫ Composite Fiberglass
⚫ 7.4″ / 95g

Detailed specs of the Deity BF1 such as weight, frequency range, and gain.
Remote antenna setup using the Deity DBTX, D2RX, and BF1

Use case

One major benefit of using the BF1 is that it lowers the total number of antennas your devices need to function. This greatly reduces the chance of the antennas interfering with each other and compromising your transmission.

Additionally, because this is an external antenna, you can remote it in problematic shooting situations such as transmitting through walls or metal structures.

There’s always the manual!