Deity THEOS Digital UHF Tutorial | Shortcuts

December 5, 2023

Step-By-Step User Guide

Deity Theos DBTX

Quick Access

The Deity THEOS system is jam-packed with little shortcuts to help you speed up your job on set. Today, we’re showing you how to use them.

First up the DBTX.

Mute (Pt.1)

You can quickly mute the transmitter by short pressing the POWER button.

You will then see a flashing red light on the muted transmitter and any paired receivers.

Deity Theos DBTX and D2RX
Deity Theos D2RX muted receiver

Mute (Pt. 2)

The D2RX’s home screen will also display a mute icon next to any of its paired transmitters that have been muted.


To quickly access the recorder, long press the UP button from the home screen.

Here, you can start or stop your recording, view how long you’ve been recording, and see how much space is left on your card.

Note that pressing the BACK button does not stop the recording.

Deity Theos DBTX recorder
Deity Theos DBTX TC settings

Timecode Settings

To quickly access your timecode, long press the DOWN button. Here you can check your timecode sync as well as change frame rate, grouping, and mode.

Next up is the D2RX.

Setting Levels

As a dual-channel receiver, each of its two receivers can have their levels controlled independently. To adjust the level settings of RX1, long press UP.

Back in the top menu, you can access the level settings of RX2 by long pressing DOWN.

Deity Theos D2RX level adjustment.
Deity Theos D2RX headphone adjustment

Monitor Settings

When your B output is set to monitor mode on the receiver, such as for an IFB system, you can control the headphone volume by short-pressing the UP and DOWN keys.

Sound Speeds

That’s all the shortcuts we have for now. Hopefully, these save you time on set.

Be sure to come back and check out our other THEOS tutorials!

Deity Theos D2RX in sound bag with Sound devices MixPre-3 and Deity SPD-1

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