Deity THEOS Digital UHF Tutorial | How To Scan & Pair

August 24, 2023

Step-By-Step User Guide

Deity THEOS UHF receiver attaching antennae

Step #1

First, make sure your antennas are attached to the transmitter and receiver – the units will fail to pair without them.

Step #2

The antenna tip color corresponds to the specific frequency range it is designed to be used with. Here is a quick graphic explaining which selections to use.

For this tutorial we will be using frequencies in the 500 range, so all of our devices will be using red antennas.

Deity THEOS UHF antennae options
Deity THEOS UHF transmitter pairing

Step #3

Next, open up the Frequency menu on your transmitters and standby to pair.

Step #4

In your receiver’s Frequency menu, select scan.

This will measure the spectrum in the selected range and automatically find the cleanest channels for your devices to be on.

Deity THEOS UHF receiver scanning nearby frequencies
Deity THEOS UHF receiver frequency ranges

Step #5

If your current range is crowded or the noise is too persistent, you can always change the frequency range altogether.

Step #6

Once the scan is complete, you’ll see the channels it has selected for you.

Press Yes to accept.

Deity THEOS UHF receiver channel setting
Deity THEOS UHF transmitter pairing

Step #7

On transmitter 1, press Pair. It will tell you if the pair was successful.

On transmitter 2, repeat this process.

Step #8

If you notice that range or dropouts are becoming an issue later in the shoot day, you can always change to a spare frequency that the receiver has saved that was also clean.

Deity THEOS UHF receiver showing spare frequencies
Deity THEOS UHF receiver showing bad frequencies

Step #9

Remember, all of the frequency bands are available to you. If one is giving you trouble, try out another for the best results.

Step #10

If you’re shooting in a location where certain frequencies must be avoided, you can always manually change the frequency on the receiver.

The transmitter will follow this command.

Deity THEOS UHF receiver manually changing frequency
Deity THEOS UHF transmitter and receiver paired

You’re Connected!

With that, you’re ready to jump in and get shooting.

Be sure to come back and check out our other THEOS tutorials!

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