How To Set Up Timecode On The Panasonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix

June 5, 2023

Step-By-Step User Guide

Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix menu.

Step #1

The inputs and menus of the Panasonic S5, S5ii, and S5iix are nearly identical so this tutorial will be useful for all models.

Step #2

First, confirm your frame rate.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using 29.97.

Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix menu. Frame rate set to 29.97
Deity TC-1 menu

Step #3

On your Deity TC-1, scroll over to the frame rate section and match it to the camera.

Next, scroll over to the out type section and select “A-Out.”

Step #4

To connect the TC-1 to your camera you need a locking TRS to TRS cable.

Locate the microphone jack on the left side of the camera and plug it in.

Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix mic input
Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix timecode menu

A Brief Note

Before we dive into the camera’s settings we want to acknowledge that there is a timecode submenu on the S5. The catch is that it doesn’t accept external timecode.

That’s alright, we can use LTC audio timecode instead.

Step #5

In your camera’s menu, go to the camera icon, and then the 1st microphone icon.

Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix menu. audio settings
Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix menu. audio settings

Step #6

Inside this set your “Sound Record Level Display” to “on.”

Step #7

Next, set your “Mic Socket” to “Mic” level.

Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix menu. audio settings
Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix menu. audio levels

Step #8

Finally, go to “Sound Record Level Adjustment” and reduce the gain until channel 1 is roughly -12dB.

Here you can see our timecode on the left channel, while the TC-1 scratch audio is on the right.

You’re Connected!

Your Panasonic S5 is ready to be synced with the rest of your devices!

If you need help syncing your Deity TC-1 to your other Deity TC-1 timecode generators, here is a User Guide!

Pansonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix connected to Deity TC-1

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