How To Sync With Timecode In DaVinci Resolve

August 10, 2022

Step-By-Step User Guide

DaVinci Resolve Media tab

Step #1

Inside of DaVinci Resolve, we’ve imported our clips. For this shoot we were using two C300s and a Zoom F8, all of them being fed timecode from Deity TC-1s.

Step #2

Highlight all of the clips that you would like to sync and right click.

In this Options menu, select “Create New Multi-Camera Clip Using Selected Clips.”

DaVinci Resolve Media tab. Create New Multi-Camera Clip Using Selected Clips
DaVinci Resolve Media tab. New Multicam Clip window

Step #3

Make sure “Timecode” is selected as your “Angle Sync.”

If you don’t want your clips placed into a new bin after syncing them, uncheck “Move source clips to ‘Original Clips’ Bin.”

Step #4

Back in your media browser, right click the new multi-cam clip and select “Open In Timeline.”

DaVinci Resolve Media tab. Open In Timeline
DaVinci Resolve Media tab. Edit Tab. Clips synced with timecode

You’re Ready To Edit!

Your clips are now perfectly synced and you’re ready to dive into the edit!

Looking for an easy timecode solution to speed up your editing? Check out our Deity TC-1!

Drop a comment down below if you have any timecode tutorials you want to see next!