How To Set Up Timecode On Your Canon C300 Mk 2 & 3

August 2, 2022

Step-By-Step User Guide

Canon C300 Mk II Time code input

Step #1

First things first, grab a BNC to 3.5 TRS cable. Next, locate the timecode port on the back of the C300, plug it in and then we can dive into the camera menus.

Step #2

Scroll over to the “Wrench Icon,” which is your system setup. Inside that you’re gonna go to “Section 4.” This is where all your timecode settings live.

Canon C300 time code menu.
Canon C300 time code menu. Time Code Mode

Step #3

To receive a signal from the DEITY TC-1 set Timecode Mode to “Preset.”

Step #4

Next, set the Timecode Run to “Free Run.”

Canon C300 time code menu. Time Code Run
Canon C300 time code menu. TC In/Out

Step #5

Finally, set the the TC in/out to “In.” You’re now ready to receive a signal!

Step #6

Really quickly, confirm your frame rate, in this case I’m using “29.97.

On your TC-1, scroll over to the frame rate section and match it to the camera.

Deity TC-1 time code generator frame rate
Deity TC-1 time code generator Out Type Setting. L-Out

Step #7

Next, scroll over to the out type section and select “L-Out.”

You’re Connected!

With that your C300 is now reading external timecode and is ready to be synced with the rest of your set!

If you need help syncing your Deity TC-1 to your other Deity TC-1 timecode generators, here is a User Guide!

Canon C300 Mk III with Deity TC-1 timecode generator.

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