How To Use Timecode With High Frame Rates

August 10, 2022

Step-By-Step User Guide

SMPTE. Society Of Motion Picture & Television Engineers frame rate chart.

Step #1

Though SMPTE recognizes frame rates like these, there is no official timecode for high frame rates.

Luckily there is an easy work around!

Step #1

First, confirm your shooting frame rate. In this case we’re using 59.94 non drop frame.

Canon C300 Makr 2 frame rate
Deity TC-1 frame rate menu

Step #2

The key is to select a timecode frame rate on your Deity TC-1 that can evenly divide into the shooting frame rate.

To get timecode on 59.94 non drop frame, select 29.97 non drop frame (59.94/2 = 29.97).

Step #3

With that, you can see that the camera is receiving timecode and is ready to be synced with the rest of your set!

If you need help syncing your Deity TC-1 to your other Deity TC-1 timecode generators, here is a User Guide.

canon c300 mark 2 with Deity TC-1
timecode conversion chart for high frame rates

Timecode Conversion Chart

This applies to all kinds of other high frame rate options. Here is a conversion list to help you out!

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