NBA Sound Mixers Love the Deity W.Lav Micro

November 12, 2021

Bay Lake, Florida – The NBA Finals wrapped up last month and we at Deity received some cool behind-the-scenes photos that shed some light on how basketball players were miked up for the pre-game shows, including the use of our W.Lav Micro. 

Back in August, industry veteran sound mixer Dan Donati Jr. reached out to us, wanting to try out the 3mm W.Lav Micro for the 2020 season of the NBA. The first hurdle was re-terminating the W.Lav Micro from its native microdot connector (an industry-standard termination to work with modular transmitter connectors) to 1-Pin LEMO. Several years ago, the NBA teamed up with an audio company called Q5x to develop a new style of wireless transmitter that could be worn under a basketball jersey. The transmitter developed would be known as the Player Mic and would feature this unique 1-Pin LEMO connector.

This was no problem for us as we worked with a local Los Angeles-based pro audio dealer to get the lavalier reterminated and ready to meet the needs of the NBA’s unique transmitter.

“Thought I would try the Deity Lav with these two-way live NBA interviews with ESPN & TNT…The (broadcast) truck was very happy.” Mr Donati wrote to us after using them for the first time.

Here is the rig that player Duncan Robinson was wearing. 

When asked about his experience with the W.Lav Micro after the 2020 season was over, Dan followed up with us by saying “It sounded great and the A1 was very happy with it… thanks again!”

About the Deity W.Lav Micro

The 3mm W.Lav Micro features a 1.2mm thick cable and can withstand 43 foot-pounds of tension before snapping. Designed for the stresses of professional productions, the W.Lav Micro disappears even under the most difficult of wardrobe options. The W.Lav Micro is traditionally a microdot lavalier that works with an assortment of different microdot adapters, allowing compatibility with a variety of transmitters.

Check out the W.Lav Pro and W.Lav Micro if you are interested in lavaliers that are easy to hide and sound great, even after they are buried under layers of fabric.

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