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What’s the difference between a smart slate and a dummy slate?

January 23, 2023 Timecode Tutorials

Smart Slate Vs. Dummy Slate Know the terms If you’ve been on a film set, you might’ve heard the terms “smart slate” or “dummy slate.” Today we’re gonna explain the difference between the two and why one is preferred on professional sets. What is a film slate? In its simplest form, a slate is how
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How To film cooking videos with Jasmineandtea

January 9, 2023 Blog

Soups on! Core concepts There are four things to consider before filming your first cooking video. • Cooking “Studio” Layout• Camera & Audio• Shot Coverage• Voiceover (if needed) Cooking Layout Most kitchens don’t have a big open countertop to film on.The best workaround is to get a cheap floating island with wheels; roll it where
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How to set up timecode on your Osmo Action 3

December 21, 2022 Timecode Tutorials

Step-By-Step User Guide Step #1 First, you need to ensure your DJI Osmo Action 3 firmware is at least v01.02.10.10 or newer. This update contains the timecode function and can be found using the DJI Mimo app. Step #2 Next, confirm your frame rate, note that the DJI Osmo 3 menu displays the incorrect frame
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How to mic car scenes for film & television

December 12, 2022 Filmmaking Tutorials

Re-Creating The Sound Of Se7en Setting the scene The scene we’ll be re-creating is the car conversation from David Fincher’s Se7en. There are three actors in the car: ⚫ Detective #1: In the driver’s seat.⚫ Detective #2: In the passenger seat.⚫ The Convict: In the center back seat. Topic #1: Blocking & Mounting Where do
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How To Set Up Timecode on GoPro Cameras

November 23, 2022 Timecode Tutorials

Step-By-Step User Guide Step #1 First, you will need to download the GoPro Labs software directly from GoPro. Follow this link. Step #2 Once the page is open, scroll down and select the firmware for your camera version. Unzip this download and copy it onto a micro SD card as you would a normal GoPro
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How To Slate On Set

November 16, 2022 Blog

Step-By-Step User Guide What is a film slate? In its simplest form, a slate is how you sync cameras and audio recorders. When a slate “marks,” it is something that not only can be seen in your camera but can be heard in your audio waveforms. Giving you a precise frame where the two can
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