Quick Look

  • Sliding Adjustable Suspensions
  • Metal Body Build with Thermoplastic Suspensions
  • Built-In XLR Connector Offset Holder
  • Includes Shielded XLR Jumper Cable
  • Cable Management Clip
  • Action-Camera Style Hinge; Compatible with GoPro Mounts for Plant Mic-ing
  • Compatible with 1/4” 20 and 3/8” Threaded Mounts 


All ASM1 features

Double Offset Suspensions

Our new double offset suspensions help add additional redirection to vibrations as they travel through the shockmount. These additional redirections help absorb room rumble that can travel up a microphone stand or boom pole holder.

Versatile Mounting Options

We know plant microphones need to go in the strangest of places so we designed the ASM1 with an "action camera" style hinge. This makes the top bridge and suspensions compatible with dozens of different GoPro mounts widely found on the market. If you can put a GoPro camera some place, you can now plant a microphone next to it.

Cable Management On-Board

Keeping things organized and tidy on a video shoot is important. We know even cables need to be secured to prevent snags and keep you looking good in front of your clients.

XLR Offset Included

The ASM1 includes a metal XLR offset that is far enough away from the boom to accompany most XLR transmitters on the market. The XLR offset also separates your XLR microphones from your XLR cable runs, providing both strain relief and helping isolate any rumbles from being transmitted into your audio.

The included XLR jumper cable uses premium Neutrik connectors.