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How To Set Up Timecode On The Panasonic S5, S5ii, & S5iix

June 5, 2023 Blog

Step-By-Step User Guide Step #1 The inputs and menus of the Panasonic S5, S5ii, and S5iix are nearly identical so this tutorial will be useful for all models. Step #2 First, confirm your frame rate. In this tutorial, we’ll be using 29.97. Step #3 On your Deity TC-1, scroll over to the frame rate section
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How To Edit A Podcast In Adobe Audition

May 31, 2023 Blog

Core concepts There are eight phases to editing a professional podcast, all of which will be explored here using Adobe Audition. • Collecting Assets • Gain Adjustment • Sweetening • The Cutting Process • Add Music • Add Intro/Outro & Ads • Mastering • Exporting Phase 1: Collect assets Before you or your editor dive
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How do you remove mouth sounds? – Deity Mailbag Q&A

May 15, 2023 Blog

Your film questions. Our professional answers. Question #1 Robert Parker asks “What are the best ways to eliminate cloth noise when hiding a lav under a shirt or other clothing?” Different materials require different setups The answer to this question varies depending on the material you are trying to attach the microphone to. Luckily, we
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Kevin Bellante Keeps Sync on NBC’s Quantum Leap

April 5, 2023 Blog

Quantum Leap Flung into random periods of history and without his memory, Physicist Ben Song (Raymond Lee) must correct something in each life he inhabits in hope of returning to his own time and solving the mystery of why he time traveled in the first place. Kevin Bellante Kevin Bellante is a Los Angeles-based production sound mixer
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Timecode Slate Maintenance

March 30, 2023 Timecode Tutorials

Step-By-Step User Guide Protect your purchase In this tutorial we’re gonna show you how to properly clean your Deity TC-SL1 and apply a TC-SL1 screen protector, freeing you up to use a permanent marker and prolonging the life of your slate. Step #1 We’ll be using a variety of chemicals today. They’re safe for your
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